The COMM:PAKT story of the week:

Remote learning, home office, video calls…all these things have become our daily business since Corona appeared and all the contacts between the people had to be reduced. But even though we all had and have to face challenges due to these changes, shouldn’t we be thankful for these technical supports and opportunities?

Let’s start thinking positive. Although, many bad things happen at the moment and we get more and more frustrated and maybe even depressed about this current situation, I believe there is always something positive hidden in all that bad stuff. Taking me as an example: Again, I lost my job due to the Corona pandemic. All restaurants had to close a second time and that meant that I would have to stop working as waitress again. And there is no fixed decision yet when they are allowed to open again. Yes, that’s frustrating and it made me angry and probably many other people feel like this at the moment…

But, hey, what am I going to reach with this attitude? Right, nothing. So enough frustration and anger. I decided to do something useful with this time that I have now available. And YOU can start too! Is there anything you always wanted to do but hadn’t had time for that? Now is the time, do it! Even though it’s “only” taking the time to meditate each day, to read a book or practicing yoga, all these things will make you happier as you can just do something for YOU and not for anyone else.  

But speaking of other persons…don’t stop thinking about them. Although social contact is difficult at the moment, don’t give up trying to hold the contact to your friends and family. Think about what is possible and how you can meet your beloved without actually meeting them. Use the technology we all have at home and create wonderful moments virtually. It’s your turn now!




Written by Nina Grzybowski: Check her out About Nina Grzybowski

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