The COMM:PAKT question of the week: What’s your plan?

2020 – a year that brought a lot of trouble in almost everyone’s life. Although it was a difficult year and most people don’t really want to celebrate the end of it, I think we can still take something good out of it. I know it’s a challenge, but we have to be more positive – especially in those times!

This basic tenor of complaining and spreading bad energy really bothers me by now. Why can’t we set the focus on positive things? Why can’t we be happy about the little things in life that go well? And that’s where New Year’s resolutions come into play. Usually, I’m not really a fan of it but this year I decided to change something in 2021.

I don’t feel like celebrating 2020 but I’d like to start 2021 with a positive attitude! So I made the decision to do something good, as this is sometimes so easy and there are so much more problems in this world beside Corona…

So when I recently talked to my stepmother, the idea appeared: I want to do my shopping according to a seasonal calendar for fruits and vegetables. With this little change I can live much more sustainably and also environmentally friendly. And these aren’t the only changes, I will also be challenged to try out new recipes and find out new cooking routines. I’m really looking forward to this!

Now think of your New Year’s resolution(s). What’s on your plan? How can the new year start with a more positive attitude? Sometimes it’s the little changes that make us the happiest! And in most cases it’s so easy – you have the power to decide!

Feel free to share your ideas and resolution(s)…

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