The COMM:PAKT story of the week:

Have you ever wondered when the „New Year’s Resolution“ started?

According to historians, it was the ancient Babylonians who first started making New Year’s Resolutions back in mid-March, 4,000 years ago, when crops were planted. Babylonians kept their word to pay their debts and return any borrowed objects, believing that if they kept their word the gods would bestow favour on them in the coming year.

2012 my father was diagnosed with an inoperable abdominal aortic aneurysm. I told my father that I would fast during lent by avoiding any animal products. Perhaps God would bestow favour on me and allow my father to live another year, as no animal would die for me during this period. I’m happy to say that he stayed with us for another 5years; and during that time I managed to systemize the process of fasting each year, in his honour, taking up this challenge.

Was it easy? Not entirely; but with the right values driving me, I was able to repeat this with confidence and gratitude.

Personalising any goal you make and being regularly reminded of the value of its outcome, is the key to achievement.

If you can see what’s driving you, then coaching will help. Coaching provides a platform for you to identify your values and set your goals. Make 2021 your year to make a change!!

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