The COMM:PAKT advice of the week: Communicate with your body!

Did you know that 55 % of what we “say” is expressed by our body language? This means that the biggest part of our communication is transmitted through our gestures, facial expressions, eye gaze, tone of voice, haptics and appearance. This means our body has its own language and we can understand each other even without words.

So how can we use this information for better conversations and developing a more confident appearance?

There are some simple tips inspired by Ros Taylor’s Develop Confidence, which you can apply to appear more confident with your body language:

  1. Stand confidently: Be open and secure. Stand upright yet relaxed. Keep your hands open and appear engaging in calm eye contact.
  2. Look outward: Your face, being one of the most expressive parts of your body, is likely to be the first point of visual eye contact between you and another person. Therefore, be aware of what your face says to avoid misinterpretation by other persons.
  3. Learn the power of your eyes: Means be aware of how intense and direct your eye contact with others is. While a direct stare is often connected with intense feelings of an amorous, hostile or fearful kind, a deflected gaze rather indicates shyness, superiority or submissiveness.
  4. Engage with your surroundings: Means express your interest. Shy people often hide their embarrassment by looking away, but this could be interpreted as a lack of interest by other people.

So, to sum up: Send a positive message with a smile in your face, walk tall with your head up and an open attitude, keep eye contact and listen carefully – show your interest and encourage people to talk to you with an open body language.

And even if you’re not feeling confident yet, all these simple steps will make you appear more confident and after a while you will also start to feel more confident.

Start right now and share your experience with us!

Written by Nina Grzybowski – Check her out: About Nina Grzybowski

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