Do you know that feeling: You have set a goal and you’ve promised to yourself that this time you would definitely follow through with it?! But then there’s this situation when you just cannot find the motivation to keep on track. You start looking for excuse and in the end, you are only frustrated because you haven’t kept your promise…

I think everyone knows this feeling/situation – and I know it too. Although it often seems as it is just not doable, trust me: there is always a way!

By now, I have found my motivation: It’s my daily sports routine. It helps me get out of bed – even in these very strange times. But how did I get there and how can you find your daily motivation? Well, let’s find out together!

If you are interested in joining my journey, be excited about what’s coming soon. Just a little hint – it’s about sports, motivation and overcoming your inner temptation…

To keep you up to date, we’ve uploaded this new page to our website: Launch Page

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