While working with different  clients this week, overthinking surfaced its ugly head more than once so…

Are you Overthinking the Big Decisions?

Of course thoughtful deliberation is an essential  quality that can help you move forwards towards specific outcomes. But, what happens when it nose-dives into overthinking?

PARALYSIS, that’s what.

 How about 3 steps to take back control?

  1. Curb your perfectionism Perfectionism slows down everything, it’s crippling. Take action, ask yourself questions like: What’s one thing I could do today to bring me closer to my goal? Or what’s the next step based on the information I have right now?
  2. Listen to your gut use both intuition and analytical thinking together. Benefit from two systems, not just one
  3. Put a time frame around the decision and create social obligation and accountability by letting others know when they can expect to hear from you

Written by Anna Stowers: Check her out About Anna Stowers

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