The COMM:PAKT tip of the week: Treat it like avocado time!

You know how some anecdotes stick in your mind and pop up at specific moments, for me this one pops up when I’m leading group sessions: the perfect avocado challenge.

Those of you who are avocado lovers already know the dilemma:  from too hard to rotten in what feels like a nano second. But every now and then, you’ll select one at the peak state of flavour and texture. You certainly aren’t going to waste it, mash it up in a smoothie, or hide it in a wrap. That’s for the other ones, those less perfect ones.

And yet…

This Zoom call we’re on, the precious one, where all the right people are on the call, at the same time, ready to see and be seen – you’re really going to spend the first ten minutes having us go around the room and say our names? Really?

Face-to-face is like a perfect avocado, that’s time that we don’t get again. Time is priceless. And the moments when we have a chance to connect, to be in sync, to bring out the best in each other–that’s time that’s worth cherishing.

Don’t waste it, treat it like avocado time!

Written by Anna Stowers: About Anna Stowers

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