The COMM:PAKT message of the week: Be proud of yourself!

Today I handed in my two term papers I had worked on the last couple of weeks. It was an exhausting time – reading and writing from morning ‘til evening, having no real breaks or weekends in between. But today, finally, I send them off. And oh my god – that does feel good!!

And I’m proud of myself. But not only because of writing and finishing the term papers in time – no, I also recognized that these papers are not everything that matters.

To be honest, it took some time and a few pushes from some very supporting people – but here I am, knowing that I can be proud of myself and that the most important thing is that you are kind to yourself.

So, whenever you feel stressed or put too much pressure on yourself, ask yourself: Is it worth it? In most cases, it’s not.

You will have more power and motivation if you are less stressed. So, tell yourself that you’re doing great and take off the pressure!

Now, take some time and think about why you can be proud of yourself? It doesn’t have to be something big – all the tiny little steps you mastered today or the last weeks, months etc. are something you can be proud of – because you did them!

If you`re interested in these kinds of topics, maybe you want to have a look at the new website that’s coming soon: Nina

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