The COMM:PAKT question of the week: What’s hindering your productivity?

We’ve all succumbed to procrastination at some time; prioritising window cleaning over filling out a tax declaration form, or simply thinking ” I’ll do it tomorrow, I can’t be bothered today”.

During the pandemic, we have all been made to spend more time at home. Hardware stores and garden centres have been inundated with home improvement orders. Does that mean we have become more productive with the extra time or is this also a form of procrastinating?

According to psychologists, people worry about security relating to money, job, the future, and relationships. When we put off the things we don’t like, we indirectly block our mental space and hindering productivity. So, what’s stopping you?

I challenge you to do three things in your too hard basket that you’ve been putting off. Who knows what you’re likely to do once you’ve freed up your mental space? What do I know? I know that freeing mental space will give me enough time to focus on things that matter and give me joy. What about you? Ready to stop hindering your productivity?

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