The COMM:PAKT question of the week: How do you deal with difficult people?

Only a few weeks ago we had a really interesting conversation with one of our clients about the DiSC model. It shows us four different colours (green, red, blue and yellow) and to each colour, we can assign certain qualities and characteristics. Green is Dominance, red is Influence, blue is Steadiness and yellow is Conscientiousness.

Without explaining too much in detail what the specific features of each category are, I would like to address the question to you: Which type of person are you? And how do you deal with others? Reflect on yourself and find out what kind of a person you find difficult to talk to and with whom you find it easy…

What I took from the conversation with our client is that you can handle any type of person. You only have to find out which colour they are. As soon as you figured it out, you can adapt your way of speaking with them to meet their needs. This is especially interesting for business conversations, such as when you try to convince a potential client of your company and your products or services.

But I would argue that it also helps you in private conversations. If you know your counterpart’s colour, you will be able to meet them with a different perspective. And that’s how you can improve your conversations with them.

Have a look at the DiSC model and then observe the people around you a little bit. Can you recognize any Dominants, Influences, Steadinesses or Conscientiousnesses?

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