The COMM:PAKT insight into Corporate Business coaching:

I often see my clients struggling with the element of fear. Let me explain, I coach primarily in the Corporate Business world at executive levels, its all about leadership and change management with a strong focus on risk avoidance; not exactly an area of joyful, light-hearted playfulness. In fact, the spirit of adventure is often well buried under the dreaded fear of making a mistake.

I often find these perceived fears hold back the change process, the voice of the gremlins sometimes so loud that inaction and avoidance become strategies in themselves. So, labelling the fears, accepting the role they play in keeping us safe and seeing the field of endless possibilities that lies on the other side of these fears is a powerful motivator for my clients to move courageously out of their comfort zone, testing the waters of their individually designed stretch zones and experimenting with strategies for moving forward.

In my experience as a Corporate Business coach, I note that fears often fall into one of four categories:

1.    At the level of inspiration is the fear of dreaming, my clients being afraid to even consider what is possible.

2.    At the level of implementation is the fear of failure, my clients stopping the process of exploring how to get the results needed when presented with signs of difficulty or interference. This produces lack of perseverance.

3.    At the level of integration is the fear of conflict: upsetting people/ the system, my clients don’t take pride in (or credit for) their own results, impeding their exploration towards further mastery; constantly looking for approval and belonging; blaming external conditions for whatever appears to be stopping them.

4.    At the level of completion is the fear of what comes next, my clients using avoidance, playing it safe and remaining in indecision rather than moving forward to the next challenge. Have you ever tried using a little avoidance?

By labelling these fears, addressing their positive intention of keeping my clients safely in their comfort zone the energy can be found to move forward to the endless opportunities that lie on the other side of these fears. This is where, as a coach, I can provide the support needed to move on and, who knows, sometimes even in the very serious business world of Corporate Europe, with an element of light heartedness, playfulness and spirit of adventure!

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