The COMM:PAKT question of the week: Have you ever worked in an intercultural team?

If your answer is no, then let us provide you with a very important tip! (Of course this might also be interesting for those who answered “yes”.)

One of the most important things you have to do when you work in an intercultural context is that you find an arrangement of your values and norms for working together. As different cultures have different definitions and priorities of certain values, you first have to define the values that are important for your team to be successful.

Thus, you can find a list of values and norms that your whole team agrees on. This should enable your team to work in a good and welcoming atmosphere in which everyone is heard.

So, if you work in an intercultural team, make sure that before you start working on your project you take enough time to get to know each other and the different cultures. It’s important to learn about the cultural (and often also personal) backgrounds to really understand the person and create a productive work atmosphere.

You are more then welcome to share your experiences of working in an intercultural context. We are looking forward to hearing your stories!

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