The COMM:PAKT question of the week: What is a good time management?

As a student I usually plan my schedule as I like it. I take the courses that interest me and that fit in my daily life timewise. But especially during the last 3 semesters when the pandemic created a little bit of chaos for all of us, there was no real “daily life”, as everything I did, I did from home. And this is when time management came into play.

For me, I figured out, to-do lists work the best. Every two weeks I write a list with all the points I have to do each day for these two weeks. Something that is extremely important here is that I do not only include the things I have to do for university, but also these things that I have to do at home and these things that I want to have some time for, meaning fun things. This is so significant, as I recognised that we often don’t include our free time into our schedules, and this leads to the very fact that we don’t allow ourselves to have some time just for doing something nice.

Can you identify with this? Well, then it’s maybe time for you to include nice things in your schedule as well!

Ergo, we can see that time management is not only helpful when it comes to work and performance, but also when it comes to our free time. And I tell you, particularly because we always want to be the best and show the best version of ourselves, it is so important to have some time left each day which you can use only for yourself!

If you have any questions regarding better time management, please feel free to contact us. Moreover, please share your experience with time management strategies. Let us know how you approach your weeks and days…

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