The COMM:PAKT topic of the month: Why you should take care of your body.

Yoga, Pilates, home workouts…any kind of sport gets more attention in studies regarding the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind. There exists research on how physical activity affects the structure and also the function of our brain. Results usually reveal that physical activity is potentially helpful in improving brain health in adulthood.

So, this means that we should keep care of our bodies for they are our framework. We actually need a healthy body, as it is the basis for our brain to work effectively and efficiently. If you do your body something good – with physical activity and a healthy diet –, you will automatically have positive effects on your brain and mind.

Maybe you want to start right now? Then get out for a long walk in the sunshine or get yourself something very health for breakfast/lunch. Listen to your body and treat yourself with respect. You need a healthy body in order to have a healthy mind! And a healthy mind is key for a healthy and happy life.

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