The COMM:PAKT tip of the week: Be curious!

Curiosity is one of the most important things in life. It makes life so much more exciting and interesting. This is why our today’s advice is to look out for new things, get to know the unknown and break out of your routines.

Although things get more normal with the Corona pandemic, there are still restrictions, many people still sit at home doing their job from home and we catch ourselves wearing the same clothes every day because there is no one to see us anyway. And exactly this is the time when we have to change something – it’s the time to try out new stuff.

So, maybe do something you have never done before, try out a new routine, eat or drink something very special, learn something about another culture – just be curious and explore things you haven’t known before! Sometimes it’s really the little things that can make a big change and you will see that you get more energy and vitality in your everyday life.

But curiosity is not only about doing something different and trying out new things, it’s also about asking questions. That’s so special about children. They are never afraid of asking questions. So maybe we should try and be more like children sometimes. Be curious and don’t dread asking questions!

These little tips can help you to get more excitement and joy in your life. Try to intregate curiosity in your everyday life and let us know which changes you notice…

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