The COMM:PAKT question of the month: How do you find solutions when you are confronted with a challenge?

What happens when I don’t agree?

Recently, my partner and I were confronted with a challenge that involved the family. My partner based his opinion on his experience and I based my opinion on mine. So, whose opinion is valid?

Anything related to the family is often challenging due to the emotional aspect, so how can we move on to the solution?


According to a Chinese proverb, there are 3 truths: My truth, your truth, and THE truth.


Alex Lickerman M.D. in Psychology today, states „Our brains become intimately emotionally entangled with ideas we come to believe are true (however we came to that conclusion) and emotionally allergic to ideas we believe to be false?

Alex Lickerman explores 2 kinds of belief; confirmation bias and disconfirmation bias


1 important question to keep you on track and that is “why is this important?”. Why takes us back to a common purpose in which we can then focus on a solution, without being stuck in the what and who.

Once you’ve identified the challenge and why something is important, you’re ready to take off towards a solution.

So remember 3, 2, 1 lift off!!!

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