Chief Marketing Officer & PR Manager

With her studies of English and communication and media, Nina decided to integrate an internship to gain deeper insights into the career chances she would have with this education. Due to her work and travel experience in New Zealand and her interest in hearing other people’s life stories, it was clear that her future job should be based on communication and contact with other people. Luckily, Nina met Sonia and Anna, who offered her to be their first intern at COMM:PAKT. With the internship starting in October 2020, Nina was given a big chance and two new “career guides”, who have ever supported and promoted her.

Now after two months at COMM:PAKT, she has already gained experiences in preparing and giving training sessions as well as in preparing and selling workshops to clients. With courses about online marketing at university and the Google Zukunftswerkstatt, she could develop her skills in this field too. She used these competences to improve the COMM:PAKT website and has now worked her way up to the position of our Chief Marketing Officer and PR Manager.

You can also visit her on her own website: Nina Grzybowski (