The Perfect Journey

The COMM:PAKT advise of the week: Enjoy the journey! Something that stuck in my mind when I read a chapter of Tal Ben-Shahar’s book The Pursuit of Perfect was that the Perfectionist cannot enjoy the here and now because they are too focused on the goal. According to Ben-Shahar, the only thing that matters is … Continue reading The Perfect Journey

Important Announcement

The COMM:PAKT announcement of the month: THE WORLD HAS CHANGED! Where does our true superiority now lie? Human intelligenceHuman friendliness Cooperation, collaboration and community create a sense of possibility that can go a long way. That doesn’t make it easier, but it’s our best way out of this mess.

Attention please

Do you know that feeling: You have set a goal and you’ve promised to yourself that this time you would definitely follow through with it?! But then there’s this situation when you just cannot find the motivation to keep on track. You start looking for excuse and in the end, you are only frustrated because … Continue reading Attention please