Attention please

Do you know that feeling: You have set a goal and you’ve promised to yourself that this time you would definitely follow through with it?! But then there’s this situation when you just cannot find the motivation to keep on track. You start looking for excuse and in the end, you are only frustrated because … Continue reading Attention please

Drama up ahead

The COMM:PAKT tip of the week: Be the best version of yourself! Watching world events dramatically play out, we often find ourselves trying to guess what's up ahead. Ok, 2 thoughts here: Everyone does it and nobody is very good at it. We visualize, speculate, catastrophize, glorify ... When we see something different, we rework … Continue reading Drama up ahead

How to Reach YOUR Goals

The COMM:PAKT story of the week: Have you ever wondered when the „New Year’s Resolution“ started? According to historians, it was the ancient Babylonians who first started making New Year’s Resolutions back in mid-March, 4,000 years ago, when crops were planted. Babylonians kept their word to pay their debts and return any borrowed objects, believing … Continue reading How to Reach YOUR Goals