The COMM:PAKT hint of the week: Grow through experience! I'm not likely to forget how to spell 'itinerary'. Why? Because years ago I got it wrong on the board infront of a class - who knew that's how you spell it? And now I know where I keep my spare plug adpter for foreign travels. I spent … Continue reading Experience


The COMM:PAKT question of the week: Are you struggling with developing confidence? As Ros Taylor announced, "Confidence is the key to leading a successful and happy life". But what can you do if you don't feel confident? I'm pretty sure that everyone knows a situation in which they felt nervous or unrelaxed. In those moments … Continue reading Confidence

Gremlins and Fear

The COMM:PAKT insight into Corporate Business coaching: I often see my clients struggling with the element of fear. Let me explain, I coach primarily in the Corporate Business world at executive levels, its all about leadership and change management with a strong focus on risk avoidance; not exactly an area of joyful, light-hearted playfulness. In … Continue reading Gremlins and Fear

Be kind to yourself!

In addition to last week‘s post: „ Put ‘me time’ also into your work schedule". Thus, just a quick appell: Treat yourself nicely 🙂 Listen to your body and your mind. Do something nice - from which you gain good energy! I‘m going with a nice yoga session tonight. It‘s always a little treat to myself. What … Continue reading Be kind to yourself!

Survive & Thrive

The COMM:PAKT question of the week: Do you have what it takes to survive and thrive in pandemic times? develop a plan to protect your career and then actually take those 1st stepstalk to yourself with compassion, be your own best friend, not worst criticWFH (work from home) burnout is real: go for a walkBored … Continue reading Survive & Thrive