Life really is not only a gift but also an adventure; don’t resist, play out fully, roll with the punches and fasten your seatbelt for the highs.

Be open to opportunities; grab them and celebrate them, and if they don’t come knocking at your door, create them.

Don’t wait for permission to live your version of your life; just do it – that highest version of yourself, not anyone else’s version.

How you interact with and react to others depend on your strengths that are also your values. Know your values and character strengths and then make sure you use them as your guiding star.

Train what doesn’t come naturally and see the world from a different perspective – it’s that easy! 

Check out
It’s a free self-assessment that takes less than 15 minutes and provides a wealth of information to help you understand
your best qualities.

Anna’s top 3: Zest – Forgiveness – Love of learning

Sonia’s top 3: Honesty – Kindness – Love

Nina’s top 3: Honesty – Perseverance – Prudence

What are yours? Feel free to share…

2 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Dear Anna,
    It is a remarkable site! I like it very much: the structure, the combination of text and images and specially your philosophy!
    My only remark is related to your Marketing: do not forget to tell everyone about the excellence in the quality of your services. You offer great value, that is not expensive, LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO FLY SECOND CLASS!
    I wish you success
    Nicolae Simion

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