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Polite Telephoning

Choose the correct verbs to complete these questions.

a)  Should / May / Must I help you?

b) Ought / Would / May you give me your name, please?

c)  Could / Need / Shall I ask you to repeat the number a bit more slowly?

d) Might / Should / Would I confirm the order in writing for you?

e)  May / Will / Could you be paying in cash or by credit card?


Easily confused words

Choose the correct definition for each word in bold.

a)  A map is:

  1. a representation of a geographical area.
  2. a file for documents.

b) A warehouse is:

  1. a building where objects are kept.
  2. a building where objects are sold.

c)  A stadium refers to:

  1. the stage of a development.
  2. a location for sporting events.

d) A station refers to:

  1. a part of a hospital.
  2. a place where a train stops.

e)  A gymnasium refers to:

  1. a large room for indoor sports.
  2. a type of secondary school.


Ending an email

Choose the expression that does NOT mean the same as the phrase given.

a)  If I can help you in any way …

  1. Should you need assistance…             2. I’d be happy to lend a hand…                  3. As far as I know…

b) Don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. Don’t mention it…                      2. Feel free to ask…                          3. Just shout…

c)  Please contact me.

  1. Do get back to me…                   2. Get to the point…                          3. Get in touch with me…


 Time words

Complete each sentence with either “since”, “for”, or “ago”.

a)  She’s been working here _________ six months.

b) How’s Jane? I haven’t seen her _______the conference.

c)  The results were awful a year ________, but they’re better now.

d) Don’t expect to work here ________ 30 years!

e)  They closed the London office a month ________.

f)    Ever ________ he joined the team, we’ve been working more.



Complete the text with the correct form of the verb given.

a)  We still ________ (not find) an assistant, although we ________ (start) looking 2 months ago.

b) Paul’s plane ________ (not arrive) on time yesterday.

c)  Why ________ you ________ (not install) the new software on my computer yet?

d) ________ you ________ (forget) the report yesterday?

e)  I ________ (spend) two months in London last year?

f)    There ________ (not be) any major changes since we ________ (meet) in May.



You receive the following email but the times and dates don’t work out for you.

Dear Marion

Just writing to arrange a meeting to discuss the schedule for the new project. Unfortunately, next week looks quite busy but I do have time on Tuesday 14 April form 9am. Is that convenient for you? I suggest we don’t meet in my office as I often have too many interruptions. Would you be able to organise a meeting room in your department?

It would be great if you could get back to me by today as I’m out of the office for the rest of the week.



Write a reply stating that; you have no time on Tuesday only Wednesday or Friday at 9am; you agree to organise one of your meeting rooms.

Dear Toni





Click on the link below to check out your phone skills!   Enjoy!

telephoning for beginners


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