Are you a Business Communication trainer needing to invest in yourself in order to remain competitive in today’s challenging business environment? Then you are in the right place – this course is designed specifically for you.

Let 2021 be the year of your professional development.

Course Titel: Situational Training Certificate (SIT-Cert)

Summary: comm:pakt train-the-trainer course is comprised of 6 modules in three defined communication areas:

Language Communication (Can do) module deals with understanding language related to areas of most immediate relevance e.g. new COVID work environment, virtual influencing skills in the COVID business context.

Coaching (How to) module deals with assessing the skills your clients currently need in their COVID workplace e.g. building resilience, managing change, handling conflict, showing your clients how to set achievable goals and find effective solutions.

Intercultural Communication (What to) module deals with the complex issues of diversity in the virtual workplace.

As a trainer you will gain experience planning and carrying out focused, client-oriented training. After successfully presenting a training plan and scenario, you will receive SIT-Cert accreditation.

Content: 6 Modules
Module 1 – Course planning in COVID times
Module 2 – Using scenarios in training in the virtual environment
Module 3 – Effective communication techniques using online platforms
Module 4 – The Coach Approach in training
Module 5 – Intercultural communication in training
Module 6 – Switching to online platforms like ZOOM

Training Plan: 6 day training including materials plus certificate, to be completed within a 6-month period.

Target Group: Experienced language trainers

Dates: TBD

Group size: 6-10

Project Leaders: Anna Stowers, Sonia Ceresani

Location: in-house

Time: 9.30am-5pm including breaks


Fee: 1700 Euro per person

The SIT-Cert is offered through COMM:PAKT (
Contact: Anna Stowers: