Our Workshops

Leadership Skills:

10 steps how to develop a coach approach – How to Manage Change – Communicate with Intercultural Competence – Give Feedback Successfully  – Positive Psychology Toolkit

Interpersonal Skills:

Building communication skills – Networking – Managing projects – Building trust – Influencing – Managing conflict – Making decisions – Assertiveness

Professional Communication Skills:

Socializing – Meeting – Presenting  – Negotiating – Telephoning –  E-mailing


Special COVID Pick&Mix Offer

1 session/€175

3 sessions/€150 per session

10 sessions/€100 per session

Single Sessions/Small Groups

Our 2021 Twelve Resolutions:

  1. Be your own cheerleader instead of worst critic
  2. Learn the art of being calm in the storm
  3. Balance out that negativity bias with a more positive approach
  4. Learn how to develop determination
  5. Appreciate the beauty that surrounds you
  6. Dump the guilt and shame, after all – who’s it serving?
  7. Control your triggers, don’t let them control you
  8. Get clarity on what you actually want and ramp up motivation
  9. The classic golden goal: develop even better relationships
  10. Train  assertiveness and step out from the shadows
  11. No longer fear your fears and claim your future
  12. Develop compassion, empathy and vulnerability from a position of strength


1 targeted session/€145

3 power sessions/€135 per session

the magic dozen/€100 per session

21% off with CODE 2021 (put in the subject of email to sonia@commpakt.com or anna@commpakt.com)